HH Technologies Bearings

Case Study

About HH Technologies

HH Technologies® is widely recognized as a leading supplier of high-performance, automated door systems, portable evaporative cooling systems and contract manufacturing services to other OEM companies. Since 1978, their on-site engineering and manufacturing operations in Bremen, Alabama has produced the most respected brands within the markets that they serve.

HH Technologies promise to provide the most innovative and dependable solution to their customers extends into their three primary business divisions: RollSeal, PolarCool and OEM Services.

HH Technology also trusts Form Manufacturing with the production of product badging for their RollSeal brand.  Find this, and other product emblems, in our Parts Gallery.


The Project

In 2022, HH Technologies asked Form Manufacturing to develop an injection molded version of three bearings they were machining in house.  The bearings were being machined from UHMW stock and with capacity constraints and rising costs, they we’re looking for a better solution for their growth.

The Solution

Transitioning from machining to injection molding can be a challenge, particularly when there are tight tolerances involved.  These three bearings also presented the challenge of thick part cross-sections which can cause cooling and sink issues in the molding process.  To mitigate these potential dimensional challenges, Form’s engineering team redesigned the parts to maintain the critical dimensions, mating surfaces and part rigidity, but reduce the bulk of the material for consistent molding.

Manufacturing Process:  Injection Molding

Material Selected: UNMW

Key Performance Metrics

Manufactured within +/-0.003” (0.075mm) tolerances

Passed customer performance testing

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